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GPS Tracking - don't mind if the gov't does it, but I WANT to...

So here's the deal - for anyone who has been following any of my posts on here, you know I recently picked up a motorcycle, after several years off the road. Technology has come a long way, and I've recently gotten involved with a local group that does big group rides a few times a month.

So up in my area, is a GORGEOUS place to ride called the Watchung Reservation - lots of views like this one (which I visit so often, I now call it my thinking spot):


So here's what I'm looking to do...and I'm hoping someone has some experience with it. I want to be able to ride my motorcycle through the area and have my iphone automatically GPS track me and lay down a map for me. I know my way around but I NEVER remember street names because I'm busy enjoying the scenery - but I'd like to be able to lay down a simple map that I can then use to tell other riders where we'll be going for the day. It would be super-awesome if I could then use the same app to pull up a saved route and GPS it for me, that way I can actually follow the same route twice (as opposed to what I do now which is "drive in that general direction and get moderately lost").

Anybody have any experience with this sort of thing? I did some googling and, as expected, there are a gajillion and a half apps that seem to do what I'm asking for...but it's awfully hard to tell which ones will do it well, which ones will require in-app purchases etc and so on...

I've so far downloaded maps +, which seems like it may do what I want...but I'm just not sure. Will be trying to track myself today on a ride up that way just to see how I make out.

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