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Got my Mic back!

A few weeks ago, I was using my microphone for a podcast recording when it started dropping out. I started checking the settings on my Mac, and it came up showing that the mic was now, instead of being a "Blue Snowball" microphone, it was an "Advanced USB Audio Device". I figured it was a driver issue, so I wrote to Blue and told them what was going on.

"Sorry, dude...looks like your mic is fried. But if you have anything showing when you purchased it - a receipt, a bill of lading, a purchase invoice, we'll replace it."

This is where I'm grateful for having purchased it through Amazon - I was able to look back and find a copy of the invoice showing I purchased it in May of this year (along with a bunch of other things I've purchased for the past few years from Amazon), and send them a copy.

They were awesome in replacing the mic under their 2 year warranty. I sent it to them, and they had the mic back to me in 2 days!

Now, if I can just figure out the issues I'm having with Garageband not showing audio waveforms when they're over a certain length, I'll be golden for recording and editing my podcast..


Here's the new mic in all of it's reflective-ness. :)

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