Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Google voice search, which lets you speak into your phone's (or tablet's) microphone to initiate a search can now take search requests in multiple languages. You can keep your default language (in my case English) as is, but now also check other languages (up to 5).

Go into Search > settings > voice > languages to make your picks.

You can read more about it on any of the sites reporting it, including AndroidPolice, Droid-Life, and Phandroid. According to Phandroid, switching languages mid-sentence may confuse it.


I plan to try it out when I get home, but I don't feel like talking to myself (as far as anyone can see) while I'm at work. I didn't see an update to my Search app but the option check additional languages was already there.

When adding any non-Western languages you'll also need to be able to read them well enough to recognize the name of the language in it's own written form. (Example below with Japanese, which is the additional language I added).


I decided to also add Spanish (Mexican) as an option since I live in Los Angeles and it wouldn't hurt to have the option. Sadly, I don't actually speak much Spanish, so I tested by asking "yo quiero Taco Bell", and to give credit where it's due, it worked and the first result was a Youtube video of the commercial.


I asked, in Japanese, to show me videos of samurai fighting ninja, and these are the results.



It also carries over to voice to text entry for things like texting, provided that it uses Google voice entry.


For anyone who can answer: I can't seem to get the paragraph break after pictures to work, is it different on throwback Kinja?


Update: Thank you to k2b & Organized Chaos for showing me how, you both rock!

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