Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Good thing I learned how to decipher politician.

This short blurb by Reuters mentions a letter sent to a committee chairman. Good thing I know what the letter said.

It said, and excuse me for paraphrasing here, but the original text was a little dry,

"Hey! We need to investigate that Target Hack. If we do nothing, then everyone will think it's ok to steal from the public. We must put a stop to it now! We need to act swiftly, and mete out the harshest punishments for these crimes allowed. We'll teach these thieves that nobody, NOBODY! screws the public but us!"



This message is a non partisan attack on the greedy of Washington. Neither party has a monopoly on being jerk-wads. The 'Committee For Electing Otter Supreme Grand Pooh-bah Of The Universe And Everything-Else-verse In Perpetuity' paid for this message.

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