This is my first post! I expect you are about to be deluged with these but I wanted to introduce my Owl self anyway.

I have only commented on Whitenoise once before, to offer up some help on an iTunes question. (I never did find out if Mochimaster got that resolved.) I am a big fan of Sploid, however, and I popped over from there the other night and found your neck of the woods to be alluring. I guess Curves must have picked up the secret code embedded in my recommends because the call for new members happened the next day. I am pleased to be let in.

I have been ruminating on what might make a good first post. Despite living in the heart of Silicon Valley and being part of a family whose livelihood is derived from the tech industry, my mind was drawing a blank. It finally occurred to me that since 'tis the season, I might offer up some of the new toys that have come to our household. Just in case anyone was looking for suggestions.

This, if you are not already familiar with it, is a Hexbug Scarab. We are already collectors of Hexbug Nano, which come with a variety of habitats and other cool things. We also have one of these and a couple of these.


This larger series comes with an assortment of choices, though I am most fond of the crabs, I think. (I'd say keep your off-color jokes to yourselves but I generally welcome that type of humor.) Our scarab has thus far proven to be surprisingly sturdy. At least it has survived a fair amount of tumbles from high places. Perhaps it could still be squashed like a real bug, so tackling it probably would be a bad idea.


Our other most recent acquisition is this super cool robotic ball, the Sphero 2.0 robotic ball. You can watch the video on their site or check out the plethora of them on YouTube. So far it has been hours of entertainment, and we haven't even gotten the Nubby for it yet, nor any of the other cool games they offer. What's also been nice about it is that we can still operate it from our earlier gen iPod Touches.


This next crazy thing has not actually debuted at our house yet, but I'm told to expect it on the morning of the 25th. This is the Anki Drive and it does look super cool to me. You can read a real review of it here. Or maybe someone else can recommend a different write-up elsewhere.

What I do know is that unlike the Sphero, it will not work with our antique iPod's. So now I'm left pondering, new iPod Touches or invest in the Minis?