So my company, along with several others, has drawn out its mobile device roadmap for the future. And, like several others, my company has opted to drop blackberry from its mobile device offerings. No skin off my butt, I've been on an iphone for many years already, and am not even remotely upset by this development. I've come to terms with it and moved on. From the time I first held an iphone I knew that was what I liked using, and that there was no going back.

But the executives...oh the executives. I've started whispering in their ears. They have a year to come to terms with things, yet I just know this wont be enough. I know that come third quarter next year, I'm going to be prying their blackberry from their fingers, with them kicking and screaming the whole time (I might mention, NONE of these folks even use the latest BBs. They hated em. They're all on last gen bolds that we've stockpiled, since we knew they weren't likely to be manufactured for much longer once BBX was announced).

The number 1 complaint? "I can't type on a touch screen". Now mind you, these folks all have ipads too...and you know what these @$$clowns do? They do this:

Now, I get it, I really do. They're used to tactile keyboards. I understand change is hard. Hell, I still remember when BB did away with the old "wheel on the side" hardware that they used for so many years and the freak out that our heaviest BB users went through. I'm just constantly amazed by the "Crybaby" attitude that some of these folks take. One of them even tried an iphone - for less than 24 hours I might add - before asking for her BB back. Despite all my mocking, convincing, and chatting, despite my assurances that you needed to give at least a 2 week "Adjustment period", despite my best all around efforts, these people are going to force me to steal their devices in the middle of the night. From their nightstands. While they're sleeping....if, that is, I can pry their hands off of them even then.


So what other options do I have here? We're going to be an iphone/android shop. I'm not particularly fond of our implementation of android (though I'm willing to chalk much of that up to the fact that I've been on iOS for so long that I may not have given it enough of a chance either). I even tried ordering one of these:

Seemed like a viable solution to me, except for one thing: it's an absolute piece of shit in every possible way. It's constructed like crap, it's heavy, it feels like a cheap chinese knockoff, it requires a second power cable to keep it charged, the backspace key hasn't worked on any of the three we'd ordered...oh and did I mention it's a hunk of shit?


I went looking for a "high end" premium type keyboard case and found the "spike". Looked kinda wonky/stupid to me, but maybe it would meet my users needs. Seemed possible until you notice the 18 week wait for an iphone 5 version, and the $150 price tag (talk about sounding like vaporware!):

So, now I'm in unusual territory. I want to provide my executives with a physical keyboard option but I'm a little lost: I know iphone doesn't really have a viable entry into that category...but what high end android devices have keyboards that folks would recommend? I've played with the samsung galaxy line - which I liked, but again, no keyboard....likewise the moto x and the HTC One. One of my counterparts played with one of the droids with a slide out keyboard and said it was an awful experience: too top heavy, keyboard too wide, and goddamn awful battery life. I need a superphone here folks - these are demanding people who want pretty lay it on me android users: waddya got?