Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Get Rid of Your Fly Swatter and Pick Up a Gun

You'll be so thrilled after your first kill that they'll have to pry your yellow plastic "assalt" rifle from your cold dead hands before you'll give it up. Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Look no further! The Bug-A-Salt is a fly "assault rifle" that uses ordinary table salt to shoot a concentrated spray pattern of salt (similar to a shotgun), killing flies and other small insects/brothers while still leaving them in one piece. The salt will not hurt walls or furniture but it is strong enough to easily knock flies right out of the air or sting your little brother's eye! This salt shotgun is a non-toxic, battery-free device that allows you to have fun while controlling flies. The plastic assault rifle can kill flies from several feet away, letting you sneak up on your targets. Bug-A-Salt

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