Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Gamers of #Whitenoise, did you know there is a Whitenoise group on Steam?

Bridging the old Noise and the new, I offer you fun...

Hey little Timmy, do you like playing video games? Of course you do, because you arent a social pariah. Well Timmy, there is a special place just for us to join our fellow noisers in fun and games on Steam. We even have our own special group and a Team Fortress 2 server dedicated to social stupidity. Prepare your wallet pizza and join us for some exciting hat collecting, Borderlands 2 loot grabbing and general insanity. Link me up between your steam ID and your #WN name (I am [#WN] MyLittlePWNys) and I will give you some phenomenal admin powers!

If you ever wanted to talk and play with some of the greats; like KillahKazx, Twanzio, BenderUnit9000, KevlarMenace and others, join us and have some fun.


Our group is here:…

Our TF2 Server is here:

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