Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

PSA: Free Digital Copy of Wreck-It-Ralph when you link Disney Movies Anywhere to a Google or iTunes Account (US only).

The Disney Movies Anywhere app is now available on Google Play, having apparently already been on iOS for a while, and to get more people to sign up, if you link your Google Play or iTunes account (or both) you'll get a free digital copy of Wreck-It-Ralph, which you can then stream from your phone/tablet/PC either through Google Play or iTunes, or from the Disney Movies Anywhere app.

You can read about the Android leaning side of this on AndroidPolice and/or Phandroid.


And of course, if you have Google Play, then there's Chromecast support and also an app available on some Roku players.

When I linked my Google Play account, I found that Up, which I had years ago redeemed a digital copy for on iTunes had also populated into my Google Play collection. But Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood, which I had chosen Vudu for (because I have the app on my phone, and PS3) didn't, but that may change if it becomes an official service you can link to your Disney Movies Anywhere account (I'm certainly hoping so).

And sorry, but as noted, it is currently available to US customers only.

ETA: You can also read more about it on the Disney Movies Anywhere support page.


Here's the relavent part:

If you are new to Disney Movies Anywhere, upon registering with Disney Movies Anywhere and connecting with any participating provider account, Wreck-It Ralph will be added to your Disney Movies Anywhere Collection.

If you already have a Disney Movies Anywhere account, upon any first-time connection to a participating provider, Wreck-It Ralph will be added to your Disney Movies Anywhere Collection. That is, if you've previously connected to a participating provider (i.e., iTunes) , you will not be eligible to receive Wreck-It-Ralph for disconnecting and reconnecting even if you reconnect with a different iTunes account; to get Wreck-It-Ralph, you must connect with Google Play.

Wreck-It-Ralph will be the only title for this free movie offer. We will not be able to offer alternative titles.

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