Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

FoxPhoto Gallery

I meant, goofy ass-horse photo gallery. Drove past these dog impersonators, it was hard to not block the passing lane watching them. I had to have gotten some of their spirit spit on my windshield; there was much lip flapping. (iphone 6s)


Whatever pics y’took of the week that left your fancy tickled or terrified, your other senses can come along too, share or peruse the anonymous other world.

Except for horse-dogs, my snaps are from a t5i and the kit 18-55.


After admiring these fuzzy things for awhile I looked them up. It seems to be a common mullein, or verbascum thapsus and besides weed-eater food, can be useful for many things with astringent, emolient, and demulcent properties. For fire-liking people, torches can be made from it, the leaf fuzz can be used for tinder, and the old stem for a drill. The plants above, however, are retired, non-working, ornamental rail-enthusiasts.

Close up of second year flowering mullein. They are biennial.
One of mulleins rail buddies.
From another side of town, you’re supposed to be able to go inside these things, but they were closed. Was an excuse to try out a polarizing filter.
Evening in Oklahoma
Another dawn.

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