Derek Grant's son was robbed of his iphone at knifepoint on his way home from work at McDonalds. Using the "Find My iphone" feature, Grant takes his sons with him to track down and confront the thief. When he demanded the return of the device, the thief stabbed him in the eye and Grant killed him (he says in self defense).

These are expensive phones and it is no doubt outraging to find out that your hardworking son was robbed by some knife wielding asshole, but tracking down thieves is not a good idea, particularly when you know they have a knife. Remotely lock the phone and call the police, even though they may not give a shit. Let's be safe out there.

His three sons, ages 20, 17 and 16 were also charged with murder, but their not guilty pleas were accepted by the court. Grant awaits sentencing on September 1st and to add to the injury, had his drivers license taken away now that he's blind in one eye.