Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

I get a lot of domain offers, probably one or two a day. They're usually "because you own, x, you might be interested in y" kinds of things and most of them go directly into my spam folder, but sometimes I'll scroll through them and occasionally I'll think about one, look at their auction or maybe run a WHOIS to see when the name will be up for renewal.

An offer I recently received started by pretending to be in response to an inquiry from me, followed by a little paragraph about how domains are valued, then the name they were offering with a really low marked price, a caution about how sales were first-come/first-served and a pitch that I should really click their link to buy.


Because the name would fit well with my portfolio and it had such a low price, I looked to see if it was listed on an auction site (so that I might get a count of how many others had viewed the listing), then I tried pulling it up in my browser and when that didn't work, I ran the name through WHOIS, where I learned it's not currently owned by anyone.

I'm pretty sure that I had looked at this name when I bought some with a similar theme a couple of years ago and Google has domain records cached for it going back to at least 2009. They also have a couple of expired name lists from a few weeks ago which had this name listed, so I don't know if they were phishing, but trying to sell me a domain they don't own at a price over cost, no matter how reasonable is still a scam. And their scheme may have backfired because when I learned the dot-com was available, I bought the lot.

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