Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

So this is my first thread on Whitenoise.

I was all excited about it and wanted to write something funny or clever –even both-, yet when I finally sat down to write I couldn't think of anything of the sort, instead I decided to check out the already well known site Drinkify. The thing is I heard about it a while ago and hadn’t checked it out until today. What is it about? Well you type a band’s name and drinkify “recommends” what do drink while listening to it. Here is what it was suggested to drink with some of my favorite-or not- bands.


Dave Matthews Band: a PBR. I guess DMB is one of my favorite bands ever, so it had to be the first one. Drinkify suggested a PBR. I think this one was really accurate, for starters I would definitely drink beer while listening to Dave Matthews Band (I am a huge beer enthusiast!).

Kings Of Convenience: Bacardi Rum. I hated it! I do like rum, and even if I don’t quite like Bacardi, I drink it every once in a while, but I wouldn’t drink it while listening to Kings of Convenience, ever! I would go with red wine or even white wine, I guess, but not Bacardi!

Stars: Finlandia Vodka on the rocks. I would do it. Absolutely yes.

Kasabian: Buckfast.This one I had to google. I didn’t know what the hell Buckfast was until today. According to Wikipedia it is “a fortified wine licensed by Buckfast Abbey in Devon, south west England”, the “fortified” part already had me but what really really made my mind clear was: “In Scotland, Buckfast is associated with drinkers who are prone to committing anti-social behaviour when drunk.[ …] Several Scottish politicians and social activists have singled out Buckfast Tonic Wine as being particularly responsible for crime, disorder, and general social deprivation in these communities” lol, of course Kasabian goes fine enough with Buckfast wine.


Maria Rita: Red wine. I do love Maria Rita a lot, but I actually typed her just to see if Drinkify covers artists not so known (at least worldwide… Maria Rita is very popular in Brazil). Red wine is accurate, actually. I thought it would display caipirinhas just for the sake of being Brazilian, thank god it didn’t.

So there you have it, my first thread which covers two of the many things I love, drinking and music! You should try it and comment if your favorite bands’ drinks were accurate or disastrous.

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