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Do you have a desktop or a laptop?

Been looking into laptops lately for photo editing on the go, I want to prepare for that time that the client wants the photos done on location on the day rather than missing a good opportunity (Luck = preparation + opportunity, right??) but secretly I’m hoping someone will fly me out to some tropical location to take

Anyway, this isn’t really relevant to me buying a laptop, but I’m kinda wondering if you have a laptop or a desktop as your primary computer? If a desktop is your primary, do you also have a laptop on the side? If a laptop is your primary, does it ever actually leave your desk?


When I was getting my first computer a while ago, I spent ages looking at laptops, then at the last minute I realised desktops are cheaper and more powerful so went with a desktop, never looked back, never really ‘needed’ a laptop until now, if I didn’t make that last minute decision I would have screwed myself over a little.

A lot of people I know who have laptops as their primary rarely seem to move it from their desk, let alone take it out of the house, so it intrigues me that they didn’t go for a cheaper desktop.

I also know a couple of people who bought a laptop as a secondary machine...and ended up getting one which is a lot more powerful than their primary. They just don’t realise it because it’s smaller. I tend to say “this would be faster on your laptop” every ~10 minutes whenever we have to use it, to which they just go “ehh.” Just ditch the tower, plug the mouse/keyboard/screen into the laptop, problem solved.

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