Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Greetings good felloooows,

I know we have some rather sharp cookies around these parts (excluding myself of course), and I was wondering if any of you guys are knowledgeable on any level with DIY electronics. I am completely ignorant to circuit boards, wattage's, voltages, everything. My recent two trips abroad revealed this terrible ignorance. We really take the ease of powering things in the States for granted. Dubai especially was tricky, as in one room there may be 3 different types of sockets, and knowing the output of each became paramount in whether you would either power your device on, or fry it. So in my quest to learn myself some basics I signed up for a monthly DIY electronics kit for beginners at It looks really neat, and seems to be a great entry level for some like myself. Are there any electronics guys or gals around? Below is one of the recent projects of the month, solar phone charger.


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