Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Digital Alchemist, Bill Hicks' thoughts and diamond sundaes

First off, this is really tough on an iPad. The authoring, not he topics.

I considers myself an idea guy, but I also believe there is not original thought.

Digital Alchemist is a term I thought up (see previous) to describe my job. I am what other would call a programmer but that not quite wright. I am not an algorithm-y guy, nor am I a math-er. I am just a guy who takes a bunch of stuff that already exists and mixes till it blows up.


Bill Hicks once spoke to me while I listened to a Tool song. (Eh, like that?). He made a rather convincing argument. An argument that I've been trying to live by since. It's actually really liberating.

Who can tell me where "diamond sundae on my Berkenstocks" came from without peeking?

Time to make the kids dinner.

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