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Digging out

Well hello Whitenoisers. Been a little while since I've visited. This isn't going to be the most interesting read, but I felt like jotting down what I've been up to.

My boy's been off for Christmas vacation and my wife's office was closed for the holidays, so we've been spending a lot of family time. We got him/us a Wii U for Xmas and have been playing that a lot.

Then the snow storm hit last Sunday and it seems like I've been going nonstop dealing with one thing after another. As a result, I've fallen behind on my Giz reading and can't seem to catch up.


In the middle of the night Sun. night I was busy thawing out a couple frozen pipes at 1am. Spent much of the day Monday thawing them out (again) and beefing up the insulation. That lead me to discovering a couple leaky feed lines to the shower faucet. Thankfully only small leaks, no damage.

My son was supposed to go back to school Monday, but they've been out all week because of the snow. I live in a very rural town and the back roads in the area get downright horrible, especially after powdery snow like we got accompanied by the strong winds. Thanks to all the open field land, much of the roads were buried under 3-4 ft. drifts. Combine that with city & township workers who aren't the most motivated people and limited equipment, it takes a long time to get dug out. It's treacherous for cars & trucks, let alone school buses.

Our driveway is about 100 ft. long and much of it was under 2 and 3 ft. drifts. Had to dig that out, along with our cars, on my own with only a shovel. We're at the end of a dead-end road with only one other house after us. For some reason, the town only plowed about half our road and left us stranded. There was a 3 ft. deep drift about 50 ft. long in front of our house. By Monday afternoon the snowplow still hadn't come, so I took matters into my own hands. I could've called to complain, but I'm one of those "If you want a job done right" kind of guys, so I dug out a one-lane road through the drift by hand. Yesterday I finally got around to buying new faucet feed lines and fixed that. Also managed to dig the mailbox out along with a big enough space for the mailman (and us) to pull up to the box. Once all the work was done, my son and I had some time left before sundown to dig a snow cave in one of the drifts. We were sure there'd be school today, but the district called last night to notify us of cancellation. We're supposed to get another couple inches, plus some freezing rain on the back end of that, so I guess they made a last minute decision.

I drove out to my dad's yesterday, who lives 5 miles outside of town, and came across a bus from the neighboring district. She had put the right rear wheels in a deep ditch trying to make a corner too sharp. I asked if she was ok and if there were any kids on board. She was fine and no kids...said that she was out doing road checks for today. I told her, "Road checks? I guess you have your answer." Why they were doing their checks in a bus is beyond me. If someone can see that the roads are bad for a car or truck, obviously a bus isn't going to cut it. We have large hills, windy roads, and much of where they cut through the drifts is still only one lane wide.


As I'm typing this, the snowplow is finally coming down the rest of our road. It only took them 4 days to get here.

To give you guys an idea of the drifts we got, this is my old car. It has mechanical problems so I don't drive it, so there was no need to dig it out. That's not from me piling snow on top of it, this was purely Mother Nature's sense of humor.


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