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Did The Hobbit 2 use a consumer camera on a scene? (A GoPro)

Just got back from watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, it looked like one of the scenes was using some craptastic consumer camera.

Might be a bit of a spoiler, but when they're flowing along the river in the barrels, there are a few very short cuts which look like they were shot on something like a GoPro. Presumably the camera was attached to the barrel to get a first person view of it.


Point being, it looked really ugly and out of place. Very bold move there, to be using such an ugly shot in with some very beautiful shots.

My thoughts on The Hobbit? Eh, well, not that great...I've decided I'm not into LOTR or The Hobbit. I'll watch the third one, simply so I can say I've watched it, but fuck me I was so bored. Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie, well made, it's just not up my street. It's not like Michael Bay's Transformers, that really is a shit movie.

I watched it in 2D, 24fps. I saw the first Hobbit in 3D 48fps and then 2D 24fps, so that I could compare, I preferred the 24fps. I don't think higher framerates should exist in cinema. Yes, gaming it should, but cinema, no. Cinema and gaming are not the same things. I'm getting very tired of gamers who think film/video runs on the exact same things as games; this new Mac Pro, people are trying to make gaming rigs that are better, for less. But they're completely skimming over the fact that it's a workstation, not a gaming PC.

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