So, I recently (against my better judgement) picked up Diablo 3 for xbox. Ok, not so recently, I picked it up on release day. That's after having done the same for the PC version...despite the fact that after a decade of waiting for it, I found it to be a massive disappointment. So why did I buy it for xbox and what were my thoughts having played it a bit, albeit only in local multiplayer or single player mode?

Well, there are still some essential failings to it. And be warned, there are spoilers listed here, so if you've not played through the game yet, and plan on it, you may want to stop here.


OK, so Deckard Cain's death. Pathetic. Lame. Absolutely uninspiring and nowhere near the epic death one would hope that a character of his importance would have. The scene itself was dull, and it was just so...simple!


The ending...I hate to say it, but the ending was a total disappointment. Tyrael climbing the steps to heaven but "as a mortal"...c'mon now, give me something EPIC, or give me something that screams "Diablo 4 will be coming! (hopefully in less than a decade)".

The overall structure of powers and the classes: I admit it, I LIKED the skill tree style powers of diablo II. I liked the classes better in the older games. Trapsassin remains my favorite all time character for kicking ass and taking names, and summoning necro remains my favorite all time for spamming the living shit out of everyone and everything.


Other things that are missing? The horadric cube, man. It was a unique way of making all kinds of funky stuff, some of it hidden, some of it not so much. It was awesome, and its absence from the game (putting aside crafting, which I find irritating at best) was a major disappointment.

Also, Whimsyshire is neat, but I miss classic cows.

Now, onto what I really wanted to get into. Does this game work better on console than it did on PC? For me, the answer is a resounding yes. Diablo, at its heart, is a hack and slash adventure game. It's not the multiplaying beast the WoW or similar games are - while you play with others, there's no crazy "bonding" and no "raiding" or heaven forbid "instances". It's unique in that it's essentially a single player game that you CAN play with other people. I've found, so far at least, that it lends itself pretty well to console. It's a safe way to introduce my son to a pseudo mmo (he's almost 11), without the insane complexity of the common MMOs out there. You pick up gear, you equip it, you fiddle with a couple of powers, and you go - none of that "go practice your skills" crap that anyone who's played MMOs has wasted countless hours doing.


So yes...I found (so far) Diablo 3 to be fairly satisfying as a console title. Would I pay big bucks to see a port of Diablo 2 instead? Probably - despite D3 being prettier, having more interactive backgrounds and the like, it's still missing that "oomph" that made Diablo 2 as popular it was for all the years that it's been popular. When I finished a run in D2, I was immediately ready to go to the next skill level - and once I hit level 99, I was more than happy to keep on going, trying to find new and exciting items, and generally showing off what my build could do. The limitation of build options in D3, as well as the overall length of the game, really keep it from attaining the "legendary" status that fans of the previous titles were hoping for. In short, while it's more appropriate for a console game, as a devout D2 fan I still find it overall disappointing - it feels more like the iOS game Dungeon Hunter than it does like Diablo 2.

Honestly what D3 REALLY feels like? It really feels like this is what blizz had in mind all along - that the PC release was really just a "because we had to", but the console was where there eyes were when they designed the game.


So what do you folks think? Anybody still rolling D2 these days instead of moving on to D3? Any favorite classes/power combos?