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Delicious Treat-Must Be Had By All!

I know what you're all thinking:

"But we've already been bestowed the blessings of Miley Cyrus' music and her even more colorful youthful shenanigans!"


Well, there's more! Plus, you're proliferating global warming and diabetes by enjoying her in any way, so don't do that.

Any way, a much much healthier and more enjoyable treat is out there, and it takes little to no effort or talent! Miley would actually really dig these.

Baked. Strawberries. Cut out the core and stem, bake 3 hrs at 210.

Now, apologies if this is not news to you guys, but holy monkey balls! It is, so damn great. Upon hearing baked strawberries from my lovely lass, all that came to mind was, well, baked chips, that are strawberries. No, no, no. They gum up into this conssistancy that is much like the candy Gushers, and are packed with caramelized strawberry syrup that actually makes it seem like there is some sugary candy goodness trapped in some little reservoir in there somewhere. It's heavenly, right up there with your pb&honey sandwiches Curves. After baking, I like them chilled in the fridge as it gives them a little extra solidity and the syrup stays really thick. Hots pretty awesome too, that's just my preference. Also, I know a few of you folks are office workers so healthy snacks that you actually want to eat are hard to come by. Enjoy!


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