Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

"Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't calling"

I'm much too old to admit I like Eminem, at least around my peers of stiff bankers and CPA's. However, I do like him. I couldn't stand Eminem or his music when he was at the apex of his career. All I could see was Vanilla Ice part deux. However, I decided to listen all the way through one of his songs about 3 years ago. This led me to buying one of his albums and after listening all the way through, what I found was a "Bob Dylan" rapping my childhood.

Like the character Stan, I see a lot of my childhood in Slim's persona, from the latchkey parenting I received to the large part of my childhood spent in abject poverty which lead to a lot of shaming by my peers. At one point, I was expelled from school and got into legal trouble. Today, no one would guess my background unless I told them. See, I'm a Senior Vice President of a major U.S. bank. I work with large private companies worth up to $500 million. I hobnob with the somewhat rich, rich and uber rich. However, I'm still "Slim" to people I grew up with and occasionally it's nice to reach back and connect with those that knew me when I was the "bad-boy", the trouble-maker and the criminal.


People can turn their lives around, but they will always remember themselves as "Slim". I actually liked myself better when I was "Slim". I like to think I still add a bit of "Slim" into what I do today (minus the criminality). I can also recognize a former "Slim" behind the rep ties and country club membership. I see you! Anyway, just a thought for today, but once a Slim not always a Slim, but you never know.

Here's an interesting question. If you were Stan, who would be your Slim? Do you even have a "Slim"? I imagine a lot of people don't. "But you never know."

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