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David Suzuki on Growth

I'm curious how folk around here view "growth." I've always believed there was a meme (an unconscious belief underlying behavior, not a grumpy cat or doge) that operated in almost everyone I've ever interacted with in my life. Corporations (for sure), economies, and people in general.

That belief system is best described as "growth is good", and seems to drive our actions in many theaters of operation. We give it other names, like development, or progress, or 'jobs'. You see it in nature, too, if you ignore the role of death and decline that balances it, and when it doesn't, you end up with run-away organisms which usually aren't pretty.


I've always liked David Suzuki, and I'm gonna shill for his video here. I found it fun, in a "yup, that's right" kinda way.

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