So today is my birthday. And I'm writing this on Friday. Because I anticipate Friday is going to be an easier day to do this than Monday is. Sounds about right in my head. Anyhow. On with that story. And since this is my birthday....

The Mysterious Gift

It was a cloudy and rainy day, like most any other birthday that you have had. You are never let down by the weather on your birthday. Always rainy. Always cloudy.

You wake up and climb out of bed quietly and carefully, so you don't wake your wife up. You step out of the room without making a sound and walk down the hallway past the dog who lifts his head to look at you, then places it back down to continue sleeping.

You turn on the TV to see the news. Yet another boring day. You leave the TV on as you go about your morning routine. Orange Juice in one hand, coffee in the other and egg-whites cooking on the stove. You reach for the bread but it only has the heel piece left, so you pass on toast today.


Completing the egg-whites you set a place for yourself at the table with your drinks, plate and fork. You turn to get the salt and pepper from the cabinet, but something catches your eye. Its a box wrapped in a flat gray paper, without any identifying marks. You assume that its from your wife, so you decide to wait until she wakes up to open it.

Shortly after completing breakfast, your wife comes down and turns off the TV. With a groggy voice she wishes you a happy birthday. She mozies over to you and gives you a kiss.


"I'm going to go get a shower" she informs you. You nod your head and she turns to head to the shower and sees the gray paper wrapped box. She stops, gives you a confused look and asks "who is this from? When did it get here?"

Surprised, you shrug and say "I thought it was from you". She reiterates that it wasn't from her. So you do what everyone does with a wrapped present, you pick it up and shake it. You are initially surprised at the hefty weight, but as you shake you hear an unusual noise...


(Have fun with this story everyone! Give me a great story with lots of laughs and that will be a birthday present that each of you can 'pitch in' together for me! Thanks!)