Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Sitting here on Friday night, I'm enjoying a few adult beverages. The beverage I'm enjoying rhymes with 'Riller Rite', and the number I'm on rhymes with 'A Rot'.


I find myself, not hungry. I had a really good dinner. But, I have a craving. A craving for the picture you see.

That, my friends, is a traditional Irish Breakfast.

It includes bangers, rashers, black pudding, white pudding, a fried egg, a grilled tomato and bread. (should be a traditional brown soda bread, but whatever....)

I would throw the black and white puddings to the dogs. I don't eat blood sausage. And the tomato, well....I like the flavor, but the texture makes me gag.

Everything else, I'd scarf so fast you wouldn't believe it.

For those who have never experienced an Irish breakfast, allow me to enlighten you.


Bangers are Irish sausages. They are eaten at breakfast, but taste nothing like American breakfast sausage. They are made from fatty pork, and spiced with thyme, marjoram and other spices. And they are sooooooo good.

Rashers are like Irelands form of bacon. It's not exactly bacon, but more like side pork. If you ever see 'country style bacon' in the store, that's fairly close to a rasher. Where regular bacon comes from the belly, rashers come from the very edges of the belly. Theres more meat, and when cooked is not crispy like regular bacon. It's more meaty than fatty.


A grilled tomato is a traditional accompaniment to the traditional Irish breakfast. It's not really grilled so much as broiled. I'm told they are very good, but like I said, a tomoatos texture makes me gag. (I really like the flavor, though)

The fried egg. You see more sunny side up eggs than any other style. At least, that's the way it was when I lived there in 1981-1984. Eggs are traditional for breakfast, and you either like them, or you don't.


The White and Black Puddings. Black pudding is blood sausage. White pudding is the same as Black Pudding minus the blood. (it is sometimes called oatmeal pudding). I don't eat blood sausage because it's just nasty, and I never liked White Pudding.

The bread. The flat bread pictured isn't what I remember. The Irish are known for making a brown soda bread. It's hard to explain the flavor to someone who's never had it. But it is incredible. And when it's warm, freshly out of the oven, with butter melted on it.....(I have memories of tourists in Limerick walking past the bakery and commenting in loud voices about how amazing it was that the bread was not only brown, but the loaves were round. For some reason all American tourists were loud. When they talked to me, I learned very early on to not let them know I was American living there. I perfected an Irish accent.)


So there you have it. Sometimes you'll see kippers, (smoked whole herrings), or Scotch Eggs, (a boiled egg coated in sausage and then breaded and deep fried) going along with the breakfasts. But what is pictured is pretty much a traditional Irish breakfast.

And it's what I'm craving right now.

Well, bangers is what I'm craving, really.

I could eat 5 pounds of bangers right now......

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