This new group chat thing seems silly to me. I think there are a number of ways to make commenting better than whatever the Kinja people are trying to do here.

I can't think of many ideas off the top of my head, I just come across things and think "They ought to fix this". One thing is unsubscribing from threads, so there's a comment you made a while ago that you don't care about but it gets lots of attention, unsubscribe from it! Why doesn't this exist? Like on Facebook posts, you don't need to rudely say "uM ,, notifikashionz !!!!!!!!" anymore, you just click "Unfollow post" or whatever it's called.

And then the recommendations. Comments can get loads of recommendations, and while it's nice to see that number rise, I wish I could turn off the notification for it. It's cool if it shows up in the "See all" section of the notifications, but I wish it wouldn't put a number there, I'd like the option to turn off the number for recommendations.

Does anyone else have feature requests? Maybe the Kinja tech people will see this post and put things into consideration or something.