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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Collarbones Are Now Considered A Distraction

It’s back to school time once again, and here we are, once again, faced with yet another year of ridiculous dress codes that are inherently biased against girls. So far we’ve seen a National Honors Society historian stripped of her title because of a spaghetti strap dress, a young girl sent home for wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black leggings, a student shamed for wearing a dress that “showed too much shoulder” at a school dance, and another student suspended for wearing a floor-length, long-sleeved dress to her dance.

Now we have Stephanie Hughes, a student at Woodford County High School in Kentucky, sent to the principal’s office because she was wearing, get this - jeans, a tank top, and a cardigan sweater - and the outfit was deemed out of dress code and inappropriate because her exposed collarbones would be distracting to boys.


Behold the scandalous outfit!

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Are you kidding me with this? I honestly don’t have enough synonyms for ‘douchbaggery’ to apply to the principal at Woodford County High School, and all the other principals making these girl’s (and parent’s) lives miserable because of the asshole parents who can’t be bothered to raise their boys correctly. Boys who are allowed to wear sweatpants that outline their junk, along with all varieties of tank tops. I call bullshit.

Parents, teachers, and school administrators - It’s time to stop putting the onus on girls, and start holding boys accountable because at this rate you’ll soon require the girls to wear burkas to school, and that will never stand.

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