Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.'s s s s s so c c c c cold......

And I'm loving it!

Couple of weeks ago, it got really nasty hot and humid. So I turned on my air, and what do ya know? The compressors shot. Yay.

Well, I don't have the $1500 to drop on a new unit, so I decided to be a man and tough it out.


Last week was about as nice as a July could be. Until Friday. Then my arch nemesis 'humidity' returned with full force.

So, I continued to tough it out.

Last night was the straw, though.

t was so hot and humid in my bedroom, I had to use a bath towel in between my head and pillow, just to keep it dry. And if skin touched skin? Fuhgedaboudit!

I didn't get much sleep.

So today, I broke down and picked up a window unit my step brother wasn't using. When I went to pick it up, he said it didn't work real well. It would get cool, but not as cool as it should.


I didn't care. I just wanted a little relief. Keep it hot but remove the humidity, at least.

So I get home and install it in my bedroom. I turn it on, and after 5 minutes, it was kicking out cool air. Not cold, but cool. After an hour, it was actually pleasant in my bedroom.


Then, a knock came at my door. (well, a knock as the door opened and my dad and step mom came in...)

And, bless their hearts, they had a brand spanking new window unit with them.

It was immediately installed in the living room. Within an hour, I had to turn it down as it was getting cold.


Sometimes, your parents surprise you in the best ways. I swear, that AC unit is about the best gift I will ever get. (until the next 'best gift I ever got')

Thanks dad and Wendy. You gave me the gift of comfort.

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