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Choose Your Own Adventure...

So, I decided this would be a fun blog post. Why don't we join in to do a community story. I'll start the post by setting the scene and maybe naming a character or 2. You do a part by adding the details and other characters and scenarios (wherever your imagination takes you). Add pictures if you feel it will benefit the story. So, here it goes!

The night of the ninja

When you go outside, you feel the air. You decide in your mind if its comfortable. It could be warmer or colder, more or less humid, etc... But this night, the air was stale. It was stagnant and remained unmoving. The stillness sent chills up Eric's spine. He knew something was not right.


Eric returned inside to see what Jeremy, his bump-on-a-log-do-nothing housemate, was watching. Seeing that it was American Idol, Eric rolled his eyes and made his way upstairs to the lounge room.

While pulling his phone from his pocket, Eric heard something drop. He looked down and he found a key with a note attached.

"Hmmmm, whats this?" Eric wondered aloud. Just then a loud THUD resounded through his house. Startled, Eric took a breath and assumed that Jeremy passed out in the hallway again. He retrieves the key from the floor and sits on the couch.

Eric opens the attached note and reads aloud "Those that wander into darkness don't always see the light, and those that wander into light don't always see the darkness. Unlock your darkness..."


"Thats odd" Eric mused to himself, flipping over the key and seeing what appeared to be a Japanese character inscribed on head of the key.

Not knowing where this key came from, Eric stowed it away in the change cup in his dresser and promptly calls it a night and goes to bed.


The next morning.... (This is where your part starts! Don't feel obliged to finish the story within your post, it could be multiple comments long. Let your imagination take the lead on this story and let others join in too! If at all possible, keep your posts to about 1 or 2 paragraphs long, unless you feel major inspiration and want to do more. Happy postings friends!)

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