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Cell phones & watches: Then & Now

I get a kick out of the path these two pieces of mobile tech have taken. For years, cell phone manufacturers worked hard to shrink their devices down from cumbersome bricks to become tiny & thin. Then the trend reversed and suddenly bigger was better again.

The proliferation of smartphones meant that many people checked the time with their phones and stopped wearing watches. For some, they became an uncomfortable nuisance. Now that trend has reversed as well and "the next great thing" is none other than an updated watch.

Then: "Large phones suck, shrink 'em down!" Now: "You're tiny phone is worthless. Go big or go home."


Then: "Who needs to wear a watch? They're uncomfortable and unnecessary because I have a smartphone." Now: "Oh my god, I've got to have the new smartwatch!"

We've come full circle, the circle of tech life. Things we once hated become things we love, and vice versa.

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