Ok, so here is the back story. I found a "broken" iPod at a garage sale a while ago for a dollar, and was able to get it working via the smack-the-hell-out-of-it method. Also recently, I have been wanting to get into making synthesizers. But I have no experience with that kind of thing. I've been reading online about making synths, and it seems like you can make one out of pretty much anything, if you have the technical know-how...

So here is what I am thinking: The iPod already has an audio port (headphone jack), it has a way to talk to a computer (USB), it has plenty of storage, and the click-wheel would be really cool to use to oscillate, modulate, and generally play with sounds. So it seems like a great thing to hack into a synth.

Anyways, my question is; is there anyway I can hack this iPod into something that will change sound, rather than just play sound files? If any of you have ideas or helpful links, it would be much appreciated.

Eta: I think the best place to start would be figuring out how to make the click wheel do something to the sound other than change the volume. Does anyone know how to "reprogram" an iPod?