Hi! Let me introduce myself first. I come from Jalopnik/Oppositelock, and I jumped on the occasion to be an author here in case I have a tech question a while ago on one of your openings. Thanks for that! The time has now come, that I have one of these questions where your combined technological knowledge might help.

I'm planning on buying (my first ever) smartphone soon, but my stepdad seems willing to pull the trigger faster than I am, so why not use him as a guinea pig?

He is curently comtemplating a Win8 Nokia. I'd rather get one of these Samsung Galaxies with Android. Apple products are out of the question. So what to get right now? Which OS has the better (free?) apps available, etc? Any thoughts, or words of wisdom? We are both still using our old dumbphones, so everything will be better than what we got. But are there any obvious things to avoid?