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Leap Motion Sensor Bar: This little lighter sized bar allows you the freedom to fully manipulate a 3d/2d environment. Allowing you to do everything from convert your existing computer into a touch screen all the way to direct model manipulation useful by doctors/dentists world wide thanks to its ability to keep things sterile.

Oculus Rift: This baby allows fully submerses you in a 3d environment. It projects a separate image to either eye and it allows for a very wide field of view which would normally create a fish eye effect on traditional flat screens. To further immerse it has a slew of onboard sensors to relay head position allowing for that extra sense of immersion.


Google Glass: These debate-ably stylish glasses create a small heads up display that has access to everything you could ever want, including videos, messages, emails, weather, etc. It's like a smart phone... on your face.


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