Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Friends, Romans, countrymen......lend me a couple of bucks so I can buy lunch?

As I stated in the Roll Call, Here are some pics of the(almost) finished kitchen.

This first one is the back wall of the kitchen. There used to be cabinets and a desk, but I added new cabinets, and replaced the desk with a cupboard, and moved the fridge to a new location. (the outlet cover is still wet. I painted it to match the wall. the junk on the fridge will move after I'm done cleaning)


This next pic shows the stove and new cupboard next to it. While all the others were purchased, the one next to the stove was custom built by my dad to address a lack of drawers for storage. He used red oak, and all the drawers are dovetailed, so it's built right.

Next we see the area from the stove to the sink. I'm actually excited about the sink. My old one was 5 inches deep, made from porcelain covered iron, and the faucet was only 3 inches above the sink. It made for difficult rinsing of the dishes. The new sink is granite, and 8 inches deep. You can see the faucet gives me plenty of clearance. (to keep the home made vibe going, the valence above the window was quilted by my mom shortly before she died.)


Finally, we see the rest of the main counter from the sink to the cubby where the fridge used to sit. (It's now on the wall opposite the sink). I moved it because it gave me access to more counter space, more cupboard space, and, I think it works better with the new set up. (the calendar on the wall at the right edge of the picture is the 2014 Oatmeal calendar. I tell you this to prove I actually am a cool guy. The power block you see in the middle of the wall is the cat's water fountain. The discollerd spots in the corner are wet paint. I had to touch up scratches from when the counter was put it. You can't see them not the paints dry)


Now, the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed the upper cabinets in pice 2, 3 and 4 don't match the lowers. They are the originals. They are crap, but I'm going to refinish them so they match the lowers. Also, in pic 3, you can see a black spot next to the stove. I need to put a filler board there, and add kickplates to the cupboard next to it. Also in pic 3, theres a door missing. That was a casualty of the plumbing install. My dad accidentally broke it, but it's being glued together and will be good as new in a day or so.


You can also see the crappy linoleum in pic 3. I already have the flooring to cover it, but it'll be at least a month before it gets installed. It's a laminate floor with a ceramic tile design. Looks great, but needs to be cut with a radial arm saw, and I have to wait until it's warm enough outside to cut the wood. No way am I cutting it indoors.

My sister despises the color I chose for the walls. I think it works fine. I like the shade, and as you can see, my kitchen is nice and sunny, so the dark color isn't too bad.


I am so happy that I'm done. (close enough that I'm calling it) It looks a billion times better than it did, and, not to make anyone hate me, but it was very cheap. All the counter top cost ~$125. (sale and rebates). The cupboards, (excluding the one built by dad), were bought from a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, total cost, ~$300. The flooring cost ~$400. The sink, $70, (sale and rebate), the faucet set $75, (sale and rebate). So, I have what is basically a new kitchen for right around $1,000. Which is cheap for everything I've done.

I did go way over budget, but that's the floors fault. I wasn't planning on getting new flooring until next winter, but what I wanted was on sale for a really good price, so I jumped on it.


My next major project is, I'm taking a back bedroom that I use for storage, and putting in glass toped display tables, and it's going to be my fossil room. I want to set it up like a museum, because, while my fossils are on display now, you can't really get a close look at the ones you really need to. But, that room will wait until the snow flies next fall.

Thanks for allowing me to indulge myself.

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