Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Back in September 2015 I was asked by to contribute to the above named book. I was able to get an aquaintance in Russia; Dmitry Grebenkov to provide a pencilled image that he’d done, and another friend in Canada; James Goodwin to ink it up for me literally overnight (in order to be able to colour it within the deadline) and then get it coloured and the text article of 1500 words written. All while also doing the day job with exam writing to be done at the same time!

Today my complimentary (free) copies arrived in the mail!

I managed to get two comp copies off them because the editor happens to be an ex-teacher. I mentioned that I’d donate the second one to the library of the school where I teach and she agreed! Yay for me!


They used my coloured image for the intro splash/publishers page as well as on the cover. We also got a couple of gallery pages at the back and for those I was able to use some coloured images by Andrey Lunatik, with inks by Matt James and Geoff Neupert

The book is available for order online here —>… if anyone is inclined to buy one for themselves. :)

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