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Auxiliary Bluetooth Adapter worth it?

So I got inspired by one of those deal articles about a Bluetooth set up for phone calls, it got me wondering if they had it for auxiliary ports to basically do the same thing as a Sync set up. Of course they exist. So does anyone have experience with this? I see reviews about sound quality degradation vs keeping the wire.

Any help/experience/recommendations would be appreciated. I've seen a few on Amazon, but they have mixed reviews and I don't always trust tech-illiterate people with product reviews.


Main concerns:
-Sound quality
-Functionality (Are any to the point where I can replace touching my phone to pick music? I have an HTC One and haven't delved into voice commands like I had with Siri)
-Maybe subset of the previous, is it just more a pain in the ass than it's worth?

Thanks for the halp

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