You think by the time you got to college, you'd have enough common sense to know what is and isnt appropriate on MLK Day.

I get that MLK day is pretty much watered down theres days. You get the day off because, there was this one guy, that gave some famous 'dream' speech, that had something to do with black people. I wouldnt be surprised if that sums the knowledge people have of the day. For most people, its a 'black' holiday.

So why not throw a 'BLACK' PARTY!

"Ballin out with my wildermuth wildboyz (and girl) #blackoutformlk #ihaveadream,"

And by 'black', I mean all the terrible stereotypes associated with 'black' people. Mainly Basketball, watermelon, thug/gang clothing.

'blackout' for MLK.
Just goes to show. We have a long way to go still.…