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Are the IT people yanking my chain? UPDATED: YES, RTFF

With advice from the good people at Whitenoise, I ordered a MacBookAir and I didn't bump up to the biggest SD drive because I can keep most data on an external drive. Thank goodness my laptop did not die in the interim because it's been a MONTH since I sent in the specs.

IT are installing the software next week. Adobe CS takes up the most space and, when I take a hard look at my laptop usage, I'm really only using Acrobat Pro and Photoshop on the laptop. (I used InDesign 2x on the laptop in the past 4 years and am supposed to be trained in Illustrator, which is probably not going to happen). And if it does the full suite is installed on my work desktop.


tl;dr question: The IT people are telling me that I can either have the full Adobe CS installed or just Acrobat. They are saying they can't just install Photoshop and Acrobat. Can that be true? I know we don't have a separate Photoshop license.

UPDATE: OF COURSE, they can completely do what I ask. It turns out that the guy responding to the form (they created) is not the person doing the work AND he didn't actually Read The Fucking Form he made me fill out (or maybe he didn't understand it). I called the person doing the work and she was like, "That's what he was on about? NBD."

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