Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Anyone swapped a disk drive for an SSD? Or something a bit crazier?

I stumbled upon these kits the other day. They replace the MBP CD drive with your choice of SSD or HDD drives. They seem like a great way to add storage, if they work well.

But I realized though that not only do I never use my CD drive, I also don't use all the space on my HDD. So that got me thinking, what else could you cram into that disk bay area? Insane amounts of RAM? An extra battery? Antennas? A gun?


Have any of you used one of these conversion kits to add a hard drive? Or have you ripped that disk drive out and added something weird?

Side note: This is my first Whitenoise post, sorry if I screwed anything up!

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