Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Anyone else watch Orphan Black?

No spoilers here... just a comment. Can't promise what will come up in comments below.

They do an awfully good job at adding plot twists without making you feel like you're in knots. I gave up on Lost by ep 3 because all they did was throw new questions out there without hope you'd ever get an answer.... "Oh yeah well hows about a POLAR BEAR?!?!" Yeah how about that.. whatever.

Orphan Black is doing a great job and stringing you out there with a limited number of surprising questions and twists that DO produce logical answers -and expose a little more of the bigger question. I'm really drawn into the show. The acting is first class and the characters fit together pretty well. There are a number of obvious plot holes but I'm captured enough by the show as a whole to let them slide.


What do you think?

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