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Any free video editor suggestions?

Crowd sourcing at it's finest. So I've done some googling and have a whole shit-ton of suggested freeware video editing crap, but having never used any of it, I'm a little hesitant to start diving in only to discover it can't do what I'm looking for.

So, here's what I'm looking for. I just had a couple of VHS tapes converted to DVD. Home videos, a couple of musicals I was in etc. Quality is obviously lacking since they were filmed decades ago, so I'm not as concerned about retaining their quality (though I'd hope I could avoid them getting any WORSE). So, I have these 2 dvds that were originally one VHS tape - the guy who converted basically just cut the tape in the middle between the 2 dvds, so I have an hour and change on each. Problem is, he used a machine to do it and didn't watch the tape, so he basically cut a show right down the middle. So I want to rip the dvds he's given to me, put them back together into one long ass video clip, cut it in a location that makes SENSE, and then reburn to 2 new dvds.


Other than that, I'd like to be able to add stuff like title and whatnot, but that's really a secondary...a "want" as opposed to the ability to resplice and cut which is a "need". I'm tech savvy but not as much on the creative side (I still use Microsoft's photostory to make slide shows and am, at best, a super duper awful photoshop user) simple is better. Something that'll be like file > open, pick the two files, click "combine" and be done with it would be excellent....

I should also probably mention that I'm running win 7 64bit etc etc and so on, but also have access to an XP machine and I think I still have a mac running snow leopard kicking around someplace as well.

Thanks all - gotta love crowdsourcing. To thank all those who clicked on this article, here is an animated gif of a man in a wheelchair mocking police.

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