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Any Doctor Who fans?

I probably should publish this over on io9's whitenoise forum as well, except that I don't know what the name of it is...

Here goes.

Any Doctor Who fans out there? I'm looking for trivia that you may know (whether it be about the classic Doctors, or from the 2005 reboot on) that I can use in an upcoming podcast episode.

For example:

When the first series was being made, television pirates were desperate to acquire the preview tapes. One of the people in the office had the idea of labeling the tapes with the anagram "Torchwood" rather than "Doctor Who", as a security measure to disguise the tapes when they were delivered from Cardiff to London. Writer Russell T. Davies liked this idea so much that it later inspired him to use it as a title when creating the spin-off series, Torchwood.

Any trivia that you super fans (ok, let's face it, we're geeks, and I'm including myself in this group because I have recently discovered a passion for the good Doctor) know of that you're willing to share, I'd be grateful.


I have some trivia, but anything else that people know of that might've gotten said at a Comic-Con panel or something similar, I'd love to hear it. I'm trying to rule out speculations of what's upcoming (lord knows my co-host and I will conjecture quite a bit on what's going to happen in the 50th anniversary episode and beyond), just actual trivia.

Thanks folks!

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