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Android alternatives to the iPod touch?

I've spoken about this a couple of times and I just keep thinking, why aren't there really any competitors to the iPod touch?

I think there just isn't really a market out there; most people want a smartphone, and only a smartphone. iPod touches are either for kids or for people who want a dumbphone for their phone stuff and iPod for their Internet on the go stuff (Like my dad, except he just got an iPhone 4S recently but is replacing it for the 5c because I told him to).


There's something called the Samsung Galaxy Player, but how does this stack up to a proper Android device? I might buy one but I really don't want some cheap, half-assed thing that gives you a crappy Android experience. I could buy a phone but I don't want a contract so it'd need to be cheap enough off contract.

I just really need to experience Android because I feel too ignorant about it. It probably won't replace iOS for me but I still want to get an idea on how to use it and what the possibilities are, but just don't want to spend too much.

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