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Amazon introduces Digital Download Store for PSN (PS3, 4, and Vita)

I'd post this over on TAY for Kotaku if I could, but I'm too excited about the potential to not post somewhere...I'm sure it's gonna be covered in full on Kotaku eventually, of course.

Amazon has launched a digital download store for Sony consoles. Currently, we're already seeing discounts between 4 cents and $15 on relatively new PS3 titles (things from Assassins Creed IV to Madden 25). It seems Amazon is still differing price between physical and digital on some games (TLoU is still cheaper on disc than it is as a download, but the download is still cheaper than it is on PSN). Either way, this represents massive potential...competition on digital console storefronts. This could go nowhere, doing no better than saving us a handful of bucks here and there, or it could explode into steam-style pricing and preorder bonuses on digital games. I'm sure we can all hope for the latter.

No word on a Microsoft version yet, but Amazon did trial selling digital codes for XBL games back in 2010, so it seems Microsoft has been at least somewhat receptive to the concept in the past. Hopefully market pressure will force them to offer something similar for the Xbox.


I don't know if this is a special deal between Amazon and Sony, or if other retailers will eventually be able to get in on the fun.

The storefront is here if you want to take a look, and digital codes are showing up as options in searches for PS3 games just like they do on PC games

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