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Alcohol Pretentiousness?

Every Friday I look forward to the occasional whitenoise chatroom that gets put on the main page, and sometimes an interesting read about a new type of drink or drink making technique. Without fail every time the pretentiousness just overflows uncontrollably from the comments (and the article-ish).

So what's the deal? People have tastes, if someone tells you they don't like fish, or they like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese you don't want to punch them in the face through the interwebs and tell them they have terrible taste, or that they're eating watered down pasta-piss. It's a drink. Alcohol is supposed to make you happy not fight over who's piss stream goes farther after drinking it.


So next time someone orders a beer you hate, don't trash them, don't scrunch your face up, don't comment on the internet. Just say prost and enjoy your choice.

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