Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Ahh.. forkin' gratitude. At depth, there isn't a single culture studied in the history of the world that didn't have this attribute embedded in ceremony or daily activity. (Makes you wonder if it was a Darwinian survival factor since I've not had knowledge of a culture that didn't have it.) Mainstream US culture celebrates it with Thanksgiving and other specific events. Following the more traditional patterns, I happen to follow it at *every* business meeting, family meeting or group meal. "What are you thankful for right now" or "What word of gratitude do have for each of the family members" or "What are you thankful for in your life right now?" Maybe I'm weird. You decide.

But it changes you, feeling gratitude. Just doing it before something contentious, looking for the good in those you came to offer feedback to, conflict with, or otherwise oppose, changes the "internals" of your self, without changing your opinion of what you need to transmit. (That's my experience, and several tribes traditions that I have knowledge of, YMMV.)


So. Kinja is changing. It's morphing. It's fucking with my [sic] world. What can I do? Attack? Challenge? Destroy?

I'm on the side of 'no' to all of those. Be a troll? What starts with F and ends in UCK? ("Firetruck") OK, well, what should I do?

Make better, yes. Offer feedback, yes. See if it can match my outlook on life to what's in front of me? Yes. How do I get there? Maybe gratitude? I've found it removes the weirdness of reaction, the automatic response to something you may, in the moment, *hate* (*small voice* maybe like the new 'conversation' enhancements.) But maybe that's just me.


So. Here's the question. If, in fact, you are still reading this. The "call to action" if you will, the point of this silly, crazy post, is this:

What, are *you*, personally, (the commas are important, pay attention), grateful for, with respect to Kinja. Don't tell us what you *don't* like, tell us what you like. I've found that this is important in life.


And you never know. Expressing gratitude may actually engender changes in those outside yourself (that you'd prefer to see.) Really.

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