Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

After a 12 hour day on Saturday...

So anyone who's been reading my entries probably knows that my office is moving, with our opening day in the new location on Monday. Moving 600 some odd people from one location to another.

What you probably don't know is my exact role in that, and why it is I'm ready to chug every single ounce of liquor I can get my hands on right now. Basically, I'm responsible for site services in our office. That means that I manage the desktop support guys, and even more, am responsible directly for supporting the top 15 in the company, their admins and staff etc. (some of the most demanding and pandered to human beings in the world) So what that translates to is that today I spent around 10 hours setting up offices (because GOD FORBID jacks be in easy to use locations or not require creative power solutions) and an extra couple of hours for good measure yelling at the idiots who are setting up our IP phones on desks. As a result, I am uber bitchy and taking this opportunity to kvetch. Feel free to call me a whiner. This, incidentally is following a week of setting up four separate closets kinda like this:


Yep - that's cabling for several thousand square feet and (so far) 63 wireless access points. It's also the first time I've ever had to do that part of a job from scratch before, so to say it was a stressful learning experience would be a massive understatement.

I am eternally grateful every day that I have a good job that pays well and has great visibility. After a 40 hour week, a 12 hour Saturday was not what I needed...and I'm TOTALLY excited to be seeing a movie with my son for Father's Day...and then go straight back to the damn office to finish what the idiot sub-sub-contractors have jacked up.

Anyway, I'm done bitching now, and my apologies for being grouchy - I feel better for having typed it up and shared in my misery with y'all :) So if you're out having a couple tonight, do me a favor? Raise a glass to your buddy geekymitch, and say a couple of prayers (if you're the praying sort) that tomorrow doesn't suck as badly as today did!

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