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Affluenza: Privileged Problem: Kid kills 4, Gets 0 days in jail.

Did you hear the one where a 16 year old privileged Texas teen kills 4 people drunk driving? He was suffering from privilege-itis (better known as Affluenza: Lifestyle where wealth brought privilege, and there were no consequences for bad behavior. You never learn right from wrong), so hes really a victim here too. Thats not a joke…


Its a very complicated issue, to the point where I'm still confused on how I would call it if I were a judge. However, I do know 10 years probation isnt even like a slap on the wrist. Really its like a pat on the back.

Considering A women recently was sent to 20 years in prison for killing 0 people, but fire 1 warning shot. (She is fortunate enough to get a retrial).

But the defense of Privilege-itis just seems


Again, I don't know how to judge this, but lets put this into some perspective. His actions lead to the death of 4 people, left 1 individual in a critical (and probably permanently injured position) and ruined the lives of the hundreds (if not thousands) of those mourning these deaths.


This whole thing reminds of a scene in Scrubs. Where Elliot, the rich gal, was talking to her co-workers about being cut off financially from her rich father.

Elliot: It's just harder for me because I've always had everything. I got used to it. You guys never had to deal with that.
Carla: ...Yeah, we're lucky.

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