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Adventures In Time Wasting Part 3 [update]

This past week has been relatively rewarding! I have evolved my skills from being able to code a custom message in a pop up, into being able to change my entire screen into a colour of my choice! HUZZAH huge steps of progress are being made.

I can't claim all the credit however, I have finally found a "free" tutorial teaching the ways of the almighty DirectX, otherwise known as a site called Rastertek.

The tutorials, while a great stepping stone, also leave a lot of stuff unexplained (or simply and "we add this here, and this here, and this here...."), as such, I have only made my way to the end of tutorial 3 in an entire week. I could blaze through the material if I didn't care about what on earth was going on, but since this is a learning exercise it's best to know understand it down to the last semi colon.


Here is a print screen for you all of my progress ^^

Huzzah! I made a mother truckin colourful triangle (where the tut wanted a green one :D). Time to go home now.

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