It has been a week, and I have already caught up to where I left off in my university course. Progressing forward though is proving to be amply difficult.

Yes, I have time to learn, but my current method of reading through the tutorial on is making me want to gouge my eyes out. I am soo distracted by the wonderful internet.

I believe I should just pack away the books and look for someone elses bits of code to run/modify.

Specifically, I'm procrastinating on the subject of constructors.

Anyway, the weekend shall be here soon enough :D *starts watching the clock*

[update] I decided to put my learnings into action and make the calculator program. I am fairly proud of myself at the moment. It took about an hour, 40 minutes of which were scratching my head figuring out what was wrong. Turns out it wasn't my code! Apparently I'm retarded at running code::blocks and everything started working when I created a new project, copying and pasting my code.