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Adventure Time: Red Starved

As I was wasting time last night, this particular episode came up on my DVR. It was a good episode, full of the standard Adventure Time tropes we've all come to love. Nearing the end however, Finn comes across a giant ruby.

I noticed something I didn't catch the first time I watched it - the crab demon called it an emerald. I sat there to myself thinking "stupid cartoon, emeralds are green lol." What I didn't consider is that my brain, upon initially hearing the gem called a ruby, had associated it with the color red.


I'm RG colorblind, to an extent. I can generally tell what is actually red and what is actually green, but have issues differentiating the two. Of course, once I noticed people were calling it an emerald, I started rethinking my position on the matter. I actually considered it green. To me, the gem above and Finn's back pack look about the same.

I thought the writers were poking fun at me. Playing on my issues and, well, making me feel insecure. I felt angry and hurt. I couldn't understand why this cartoon was getting to me personally. Then Jake said "You're a little colorblind... and there's nothin' to be ashamed of!"

That was about the best wrap-up to a (side)story that really hit in my feels. It turns out that the ruby actually was an emerald.


I can barely tell the difference between the two pictures. The only thing telling me that the second picture's gem is green is that it was labeled "What the emerald actually looked like."

I then came to realize that cartoons are still awesome, still. Some times they even tackle issues that may hit home. Most of the time they wrap those issues up with a feel good moment, and I experienced one of those moments last night.

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